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{Hello} I’m Sara Orme of WormeWoole (pronounced warm wool — a play on the pronunciation of my last name which rhymes with warm). I make upcycled accessories from reclaimed felted sweater wool and cashmere for friends, family, and home. I live with my husband and children near Lake Superior in rural northern Wisconsin where we really do wear wool year-round.

{History} WormeWoole started in 2011, but I have been making and selling things since grade school, when I sold a macrame plant hanger to a neighbor and subsequently was grounded for hawking my wares door-to-door (I blame my cousin — it was her idea). Over the years, I have sold a variety of my creations at craft fairs and gift shops here in Wisconsin and across the ocean in my former home, the Big Island of Hawaii, ever since. It’s great to make money doing something you enjoy, but more than that, I love that someone would see something I made and think, “That’s really great…I want to own that, or give it to someone I love.” What a self-esteem boost!

{Heart} I am driven to create, which is a reflection of my Creator in me, and who He made me to be. It is my favorite thing to do. I also love to eat good food made from real ingredients. I think growing and cooking our own food, and eating with our families, is important. Taking care of our environment should be part of daily life through such things as recycling and composting — it is so easy, and so few people do it. So those are a few things you might find me blogging about here. And I always hope you will enjoy and keep warm!



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