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I may have used the #westillwearmittensinmarch hashtag in recent posts on Instagram and Facebook more than once lately because it is true! When I say we wear wool year-round in my Etsy profile, I am not exaggerating, and in March — in northern Wisconsin near Lake Superior — it is still winter. Or spring, maybe, for a few minutes. Just long enough to get your hopes up. But not for long.





This sums up our situation so perfectly!







{Snow Days}

We did enjoy a few days of 40 to 50 degree weather and even approached 60 degrees one day in early March. But around here, March is known for bringing some of our biggest snowstorms and we tend to have more school-canceling snow days in March than any other month. Last week brought us our first two snow days of the year, with more than a foot of heavy wet snow falling after days of thawing and rain, making for impassable roads throughout our large, rural school district.





Snow globe

I feel as though I may be caught in a snow globe. This is my parents’ place, where I grew up.






The very heavy snow coated everything and made it appear we were living in an old black and white moving picture or a snow globe. The weight of snow was pushing the wire down in many places in the pasture, so I slogged through calf-deep snow, shaking the accumulation off the wires, and pulling it tight where it had sagged, making it secure once again, getting quite a workout in the process. We even had to use a chainsaw to free one section of fence from snow-laden alder brush. My two equine buddies had been found grazing under the neighbor’s bird feeder in the morning. When they were caught red-handed, they trotted on home. They didn’t even seem too sorry about it.










happy appy

Harley taking shelter from the wet snow and being a bully by not letting Mocha inside too.













Welsh pony

Mocha, the patient old soul.






{What’s New at WormeWoole}

Snow days usually mean homemade cinnamon rolls or homemade pizza, which we did enjoy together, and of course shoveling! Not going anywhere for two days gave me some time to work on WormeWoole products such as these Mittens of the Day, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.




St. Patrick's Day mittens

New mittens made (almost) daily for WormeWoole, available here. Follow @wormewoole on Instagram to see the new pairs first.






I have also been busy stocking child size neck warmers made from fleece or upcycled cashmere sweaters. They are so versatile as they can be worn at least five ways, and are perfect for any season in the Northland. Obviously great for winter activities, they also provide just the right amount of warmth about the neck in spring and fall, and are perfect for chilly mornings in the summer — going camping, anyone?





child size neck warmers

Little Brother admires our stream full of spring melt run-off in his fleece neck warmer. Versatile WormeWoole neck cowls can be worn 5 ways to keep you toasty.


{Five Ways to Wear a WormeWoole Neck Warmer}

  • scrunched under your chin
  • folded over like a turtle neck
  • up over your face
  • rolled into a head band/ear warmer
  • as a hat with the end secured with a pony tail elastic




{Wishing and Waiting}

While we are wishing for true spring weather and waiting to see the bulbs pushing their shoots through the sun-warmed soil and lilacs and crab apples burst into bloom, we can decorate with spring-themed decor. I am not one to do a lot of holiday or seasonal decorating, but I have wanted a forsythia wreath for some time and we found one when I took my little guy to have lunch with Daddy this week. I think it brightened up this little corner quite nicely.






I hope you have a blessed Easter and enjoy and keep warm!

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